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When we talk about the quality of homes, we usually classify them in terms of Type C, Type B, and Type A homes. If we want even better quality than Type A, there are the “Luxury Homes” and even after that comes the “Branded Luxury”

Luxury residences are basically super luxurious and comfortable accommodations for high net-worth individuals. They are integrated with world-renowned brands to guarantee a certain level of quality and luxury associated with that particular brand worldwide.

There are hundreds of such projects worldwide from top brands in hotels and resorts industry, including Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis, Marriot, Kempinski, Rosewood, and even other apex brand names like Versace, Porsche,
Armani and Bulgari now.

This sector in real estate has grown swiftly in the past few years as it promises a high level of trust, safety, and quality for its consumers and the world-class amenities available in these luxuries accommodations.

Typically, one should expect at least the same level of services and quality from a branded “Luxury House Condo” or any other “Luxury House for Sale” as there is in their hotels and resorts. That is also why most of these residences are physically integrated with the hotels, to make the experience of the dwellers even more pristine. It feels like you are living at a 5-star hotel as your own home.

With continuous pampering services like concierge, housekeeping,
security, in-house cafeteria, bar, restaurant, pool, gym, spa, childcare, pet care,
and much more, the average daily life just seems like a beautifully extended vacation.
Brands are now competing with each other on who provides the utmost level of service to its clients.

Celebrities from all walks of life, including cuisine, health and wellness, sports, and traveling, are now invited to spend time in these luxury homes to make the experience of its residents even more enthralling.

by: April John Ilarina